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Back pain is one the most acute forms of pain and yet it is so common that the effects of it are often diminished and undermined by the frequency of occurrence.

Only those who suffer from back pain are fully aware of the draining effects of constant pain. The common assertion that “he/she have trouble with their back” almost dismisses the importance of the ailment. The perception is that you are not going to die from it so it must not be serious.

This ignores the horror of the situation people with chronic back pain live through. Sure, back pain might not kill you, but it undoubtedly can make your life a complete misery and the side effects of mainstream drug treatment will certainly shorten your life by creating pressure on vital organs such as the liver.


Ireland has a very high rate of back pain and general joint pain. It is estimated by the Department of Health that 4 out of 5 people suffer back pain or referred pain in other limbs emanating from the back. Of those, the majority are suffering from chronic conditions that vary from the mild to the acute form.

The damp climate of Ireland is a huge factor in chronic back pain. We live in a country that is akin to an incubator for back pain and joint disease. The climate is temperate but with increasingly high levels of precipitation during summer and winter months, it ideal for the onset of common conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis.


Here at, we investigate the various back pain diseases and ailments. We help you identify what the symptoms and causes and offer advice as to best deal with them.

We stress that we are not a professional medical advice site. We are not doctors and any advice should be scrupulously counter-checked with your doctor.

However, mainstream medical advice appears to achieve very little success in the field of back pain. Decades of research have resulted in little improvement in the field of back pain.   Pharmaceutical companies produce endless lines of drugs that merely mask the pain and produce large profits for them.

We offer a layman's guide to the jungle that is advice for back pain. We suggest avenues of direction in both mainstream medicine and natural healing. We explode some of the myths disseminated about chronic back ailments that have led to patients suffering unnecessarily.

We advise on the latest cutting edge treatments available that may just solve your problem or perhaps at least ease it in some way.              

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